Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What's been going on

Golden Week in Japan. And a chance to update the blog. Ok, I admit I'm not good at blogging. Or rather, I'm not good at keeping a regular update. The best laid plans of mice and men, etc.

However, things have been happening. I've done very little painting, but other areas have been more productive.

First, for my Eighteenth century armies, I got and made up a star fort kit from the Paper Terrain company. I'd always wanted a Vauban style fort. I saw one in 15mm being used in a game at a show in Harrogate when I was a student. Finally, I have been able to get one, and have some armies to go with it.

Dream come true. Vauban fort!

And with some figures:

With some of my GNW Swedes

I didn't include the fort buildings in the photo. You get some barrack blocks with the kit, one for each wall section, but they tend to clutter it up a bit. Instead, I use them as town houses, which means I have a fair collection now of buildings suitable for 16th, 17th and 18th century towns in 6mm.

I also bought the snake rail fences kit, which comes with about 40 feet of fencing! For 6mm, that's a lot. The fences don't need a base, they're free standing, but without one they tend to get knocked over or moved quite easily, so at the moment I'm working on ways to base fences. The fortress bastions for the fort have the same problem, so I have to make some bases to mount the walls and bastions on, too. Incidentally, I've kept the all the wall and bastion sections as separate elements. It's easier to store like that, and I can use single bastions as redoubts if I need to.