Friday, 21 November 2014

I am a wargamer living in Japan. Like most gamers I have a range of periods of interest, and flit from one to another over time. And, like most gamers, I have piles of unpainted miniatures in storage. One reason for starting this blog was to be able to post pictures of my miniatures and games, simply to give me some inspiration to get more painting done. 

I thought about trying to create blogs for each interest, but it would be way too much work, and (as you can no doubt see from the quality and format of this blog) I am not particularly computer savvy. As time goes on and I become better at creating and formatting posts, I hope that will change, but until then, please bear with me.

So, to kick off, a couple of pictures of some of my American War of Independence figures.

The figures are all Baccus 6mm. One of the members of the West Tokyo Wargamers, Matt Ashton, is building up the British/Loyalist forces, while I'm doing the Rebels and French. The top pic shows some of the militia units, the figures in the lower are Continentals. We use the Black Powder rules and just measure everything in centimetres rather than inches. They seem to work pretty well and let us use some quite large armies. Our standard unit size is 48 figures, and when I finally paint everything up, I'll have about 24 Continental and militia regiments, 4 French, plus artillery and cavalry. The British have similar numbers. I haven't bought the Warlord Games AWI supplement yet, but it's on the Christmas list.

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